Make Excuses or Make It Happen – How I Signed Up for Buffalo Marathon

A marathon has always been in the cards for me. It’s one of those inevitable things I know I’ll do “some day”.

The half marathon I ran last year happened because my aunt invited me to run with her. Once it was on the calendar, I was committed and made it happen.

On a call last week, my friend asked when I was going to run my marathon. I told him I don’t know yet. I hadn’t been running as much since starting the sabbatical because of all the traveling and trying to figure out a new routine.

He said, “Oh, is that the reason?”

Busted. “No, I’m just making excuses.”

He laughed. “A marathon is not a big deal. Everyone makes it out to be a big deal. Just sign up for one, get it on the calendar, and go do it.”

I knew he was right. “I’ll try to find one near one of the places I’m traveling.”


“I mean, I WILL! I’m going to sign up for one and text you by the end of the day.”

And that’s the story of how I signed up for the Buffalo Marathon in New York. I’ve been training every day since.

Running in San Diego

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San Diego has been absolutely gorgeous. The weather here is perfect for running. It’s remarkably warm for early February, but it’s a very pleasant, crisp warm with a cool breeze.

You actually want to go outside and run. I can’t get over it. It’s incredible. Leaving San Antonio really makes me realize how brutally humid it was there.

Before I ran during the day in San Antonio, I had to psyche myself up: “Okay! I’m ready to be miserable!”

Here, it’s just beautiful. All I want to do is go outside.

I’ve been enjoying running in San Diego. There are lots of parks, and running by the water is quite scenic.

San Diego Meetup

We had around a dozen people at the San Diego seanwes meetup. It was a lot of fun! We had some great conversations and got to see a couple of old friends too.

How to Close Your Apple Watch Rings Every Day for a Year

Apple Watch - Perfect Year - Close Rings 365 Days in a Row

Today is Day 403 in a row of closing all three of my Apple Watch rings. I’ve worn an Apple Watch since they launched in 2015, but I never closed my rings more than 2 days in a row for the first several years.

James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, poses a question worth considering:

My current habits were not carrying me to my desired future.

Most of my months looked like this:

June 2016 Apple Watch Rings Incomplete

It wasn’t until 2018 that I decided to start taking my health seriously. Continue reading “How to Close Your Apple Watch Rings Every Day for a Year”