Sabbatical Book

Prevent burnout and unlock your best ideas.

You’re not the type to give yourself a break, and that’s exactly why you need sabbaticals.

How hard can it be to take a sabbatical?

The idea is simple enough: take time off of work.

Easier said than done, right?

There is a lot of resistance to taking a break. Some of that pushback comes from culture, co-workers, and family, but…

What’s standing in the way of taking a sabbatical is yourself.

There are all kinds of challenges and resistance you will face.

After 5 years of experience taking sabbaticals, I want to help simplify the process of scheduling your regular break so you can rest and recharge.

  • Unlock your best ideas.
  • Reconnect with old passions.
  • Go from merely “existing” to truly living.

Hi, my name’s Sean McCabe. I’m a recovered workaholic. Sabbaticals saved me, and they can save you too.

I want to help you prevent burnout and enjoy life to the fullest.

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