My Crazy AirBnb Story

We’re traveling the world for a year-long sabbatical, so that means staying in a lot of AirBnbs.

Most of the time, we’ve had a great experience with AirBnb. But when it’s bad, it’s… bad.

I found myself in a last minute situation where I needed to book a room on short notice. There weren’t many options in the area I needed.

The place I booked had no reviews. I thought that was okay because it was a new listing and didn’t think too much of it. Big mistake.

The place was a disaster! Absolutely disgusting and sticky everywhere. As I write this, I realize I didn’t even mention the blood stains in the video.

The last tenant had trashed the place, stolen stuff, and left with the keys! The hosts told me to, “Punch him in the face if he comes back.”

It was late. I was starving. I contemplated making dinner, but when I saw the “silverware provided”, I NOPE’d out of there fast.

AirBnb almost wouldn’t give me my money back except that I LUCKILY happened to take a few photos.

I talk about how to protect yourself from potentially losing your money in a bad AirBnb situation.