Make Excuses or Make It Happen – How I Signed Up for Buffalo Marathon

A marathon has always been in the cards for me. It’s one of those inevitable things I know I’ll do “some day”.

The half marathon I ran last year happened because my aunt invited me to run with her. Once it was on the calendar, I was committed and made it happen.

On a call last week, my friend asked when I was going to run my marathon. I told him I don’t know yet. I hadn’t been running as much since starting the sabbatical because of all the traveling and trying to figure out a new routine.

He said, “Oh, is that the reason?”

Busted. “No, I’m just making excuses.”

He laughed. “A marathon is not a big deal. Everyone makes it out to be a big deal. Just sign up for one, get it on the calendar, and go do it.”

I knew he was right. “I’ll try to find one near one of the places I’m traveling.”


“I mean, I WILL! I’m going to sign up for one and text you by the end of the day.”

And that’s the story of how I signed up for the Buffalo Marathon in New York. I’ve been training every day since.