We’re gonna be nomads! (Can we stay with you?)

I’m excited to announce our official move out date: January 26th! I’m so happy to finally begin our sabbatical year of nomadic world travel, and hopefully get to hang out with you in person.

We won’t have a house or car, and we’ve sold a lot of our other possessions as well. Everything we’ll use for the next year will fit in a backpack.

While we have some specific places in mind we’d like to visit, we also want to connect with people. I’ll keep you posted on any meetups in a city near you.

But beyond meetups, a number of people have reached out to actually offer us a place to stay—which is incredible!

The only problem is, I’ve had a hard time keeping track of the various comments and messages from people offering us a place to stay in various cities. So I came up with a solution:

If you want to have us stay with you during 2020, you can visit the Host Us page to fill out a form so we know how to get in touch. That way, I’ll know how to reach you if I’m in your city.

Laci and I would love to hang out with you!

Lastly, I genuinely want to know: what questions do you have for me?

Feel free to get in touch. What type of things do you want me to share? What are you interested in? What things would you like to see? I want to hear from you.