Goodbye to the Studio

It’s time to say goodbye to my favorite room. We will move out of our house later this month and begin the 2020 sabbatical year of nomadic travel. No house, no car, just a backpack.

I wrote my first book in this room and recorded hundreds of podcasts and live streams here. There are a lot of good memories.

The studio is optimized for production. I can walk in and everything is ready for me to create. Whether I want to record a video, podcast, or write, everything is ready to go. I will miss that.

But I don’t need expensive recording equipment or a fancy studio to create.

I’m limiting my gear during the sabbatical year: iPhone will be my camera and iPad my writing device. No laptop. No Mac Pro. No four 27” displays. No cinema cameras or lenses. No external drives or SD cards. No hassle.

I’m excited to embrace limitation and create using the device in my pocket.

Everything we’ll use for the next year has to fit into a backpack. That might sound restrictive but, actually, it’s liberating. You really do need less than you think.

I’m looking forward to sharing the journey!