How To Motivate People

Most motivational messages are pretty basic:

  • “Do the hard thing.”
  • “Be disciplined.”
  • “You have what it takes.”

What is it about certain people saying those messages that makes them resonate? Why is it cliché one person repeats an inspirational phrase, but motivational when someone else says it?

I figured it out.

During my writing session yesterday, I figured out what motivates people.

When someone we respect tells us to do something, we do it.

Where does respect come from?

We respect someone when we see them demonstrate discipline, restraint, and self control.

It’s the physically fit body that you know came from hard work and discipline. There’s no arguing that fact. You can’t buy a fit body. You can’t outsource it, you can’t delegate it. Instant respect.

It’s posting a photo of “4:30am” on your wristwatch day, after day, after day. That’s discipline. Instant respect.

When you show yourself to be disciplined, people understand you’re not just talking the talk—you’re walking it.

You’re doing the hard work. You’re sacrificing.

Discipline garners respect.

When we see someone who is disciplined, we respect them. When we respect someone, we do what they say. When they speak, we are motivated.